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Mayo Clinic

The United States has long been a world leader in medical research and treatment, developing diagnostic tools, medicines, and cures that improve people’s lives across the globe. Government and private funding that has traditionally financed such critical work is declining making it even more challenging for innovative therapeutic discoveries to make the leap from the lab to patients who need them most.

The Foundation funds multi-disciplinary research collaborations, encouraging grantees to break down the too often siloed landscape and work together to develop revolutionary medical breakthroughs. Funding in this area is directed solely through the personal interests of the trustees and informed by the Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board.

Medical Research

Our goal is to find cures and better medical treatment for people affected by select disorders of particular importance to the Marriott family.


We aim to improve and increase the availability of superior medical care by supporting hospitals primarily in the Washington, D.C., area.

Mental Health

Our goal is to support those with mental illness by sponsoring education, advocacy and community service programs. We support organizations working to expand and enhance resource options for individuals and families impacted by mental health challenges.

Disease Specific Support

We work to improve treatment and care for patients and their families to help them regain their health or live as full and normal lives as possible.