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Culinary Institute of America. Photo Credit Phil Mansfield

The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the world’s most important drivers of economic growth, providing careers for more than 255 million people globally.

It’s estimated that every new job created in the hospitality industry supports another 1.5 jobs along the supply chain, centering the industry as a key player in providing opportunities for more than 75 million unemployed youth worldwide. Drawing on the Marriott family’s more than 85-year engagement with the sector, the Foundation supports organizations that provide young people with exposure to the hospitality field nationally and globally. We focus on programs that offer exceptional curricula, real-world experiences, and opportunities for young people to engage with mentors in the field. We seek to educate and prepare the next generation of hospitality leaders.

Secondary Schools Hospitality Programs

Our goal is to introduce middle school and high school students to the world of hospitality and create pathways to pursue hospitality careers if that is where their passions lead.

Colleges and Universities

We aim to prepare students for the rigorous demands of hospitality careers by supporting exceptional hospitality programs at select colleges and universities across the United States.

Global Hospitality Programs

The Foundation supports global efforts in the hospitality industry. The signature program of this effort, China Hospitality Education Initiative (CHEI), is an initiative whose mission is to prepare youth in China for rewarding careers in the hospitality industry by enhancing teaching resources, offering real-world operational experiences and engaging a community of inspired educators. CHEI was presented with the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Tourism for Tomorrow People Award during the 17th WTTC Global Summit in Bangkok. To read more about this program, please visit